Monday, May 23, 2011

Camino Dos

I´ve already blogged about this trip once, just read below. I did play by play accounts of my thoughts, impressions, things I found strange and odd, and experiences that stood out. I don´t want to do this again, for my sake and yours. Like most things done twice you sort of know what to expect. If there are some good surprises along the way, like another robbery where justice is immediately served, then yes, I´ll blog about that, but this year I want things to be different.

I will create several fictional characters that will instead take the place of my first person accounts. This will also allow me to share their letters to loved ones, thoughts about others and others thoughts about them, and re-tell the story of the camino through different cultural subjectivities that will to some effect tease out subtlties and nuiances that I can´t capture as easily through the previous blog entries. Plus, I want to start writing more fiction, which I haven´t done since my brother and I used to exchange weekly stories through a series called ´sandyasssundays´ about six years ago.

These posts will also come more regularly and more frantically as I´m constantly using internet on borrowed time, either paying by the minute with euros, or with the looming pilgrim hovering above my shoulder silently wondering when, if ever, will I be done with the free internet on the lone computer of the hostel. Right now, fucker.


Character Introduction #1:

Farmer Pete was born into an Iowa farming family just outside of Des Moines. He and his five older sisters learned to work the land from an early age. After Farmer Pete won his age group in the 4-H hog show 14 and under, his confidence carried him through a threshold in which possibilities were limitless, to him at least. This kept school work at distance, and concerned Farmer Pete primarly with girls who had large breasts and Ford trucks, also the bigger the better. Despite Pete´s repeated failures at acquiring ownership of either prize, his path was clear; get a truck, get a girl, get a house. For it is with these things that one´s life truly begins.

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