Friday, June 17, 2011

The Lawn and So On

Pete sat outside in the evening sun on a plastic lawn chair. The wind blew cool gust as the sun drew low in the sky. Amanda carried a chair over to Pete and sat close enough to acknowledge his presence but far enough away that she was without commitment.
"I feel like I´m in the ocean!" Pete yelled across the lawn.
"What?" Amanda asked.
"I said I feel like I´m in the ocean, the wind; it´s kind of like the water. It´s like..have you ever just laid there on the beach and let the waves run up to you?"
"I don´t think so."
"I feel as though I´m in the perfect temperature right now, like the kids pool at the YMCA my parents used to drive me to. It was about 45 minutes away from our farm and I´d beg ém to take me, and I´d put on my swim trunks in the locker room, real fast you know, ´cause I didn´t want nobody lookin´at my little pecker, and I´d walk out to that pool, it smelled all warm and chlorine-like, and I´d walk into the kids pool real slow without flinchin´´cause I didn´t need to, it was the perfect temperature and I´d let it swallow me up."
"Wow, that´s beautiful"
"Yeah? Really?" Pete asked embarrasingly.
"Yeah, you know today on the walk when the wind began to pick up I thought about a similar thing, but it was the clouds. When the sun was on my I would get too warm and then a cloud would blow across the sky. I could see them coming just by looking at the groud; it was like someone was painting the landscape one shade gray, and it would swallow me up just like you were saying."
"Yeah, now that´s what I´m talking ´bout, just a real perfect temperature. The kind that tells you you´re on vacation!"
"Yeah vacation in Florida..."
"In the middle of winter, right?"
"...And you walk out of your hotel room at night and the air is soft and salty, as light as a kiss."
"Yep." Pete sighed and sank deeper into the lawn chair. "Makes you glad to be alive, you know?"
"Yeah, I know."

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