Thursday, January 28, 2010

Final Product (almost)

I didn't have my camera the last few days, so I'll have to rely more on the narrative. I made another saw on the waterjet, modifying one end slightly to look better with the handle I chose. This saw also has same mounting holes as the handle for mounting the hardware.

In thinking about saws, and the possibilities of what it means to obsess over the saw as an aestheticized object, I thought of paint. I wanted to experiment with paint as way to make the saw a saw, while simultaneously as an object that enters into another dialogue with other highly designed objects, and in doing so loses its saw-ness as a functional object, ie: the saw that never makes it off the wall. However it is embedded with a deep narrative behind its function, to which it can certainly perform to its expectations, but may never have to actually be tested as the design will be convincing enough. I thought that painting the saw would confuse the distinction between utility and art object. And certainly the handle enters into this game of oscillation. It sheds superfluous ornament, and unnecessary curves to be a simple handle, yet intentional. There is a single hole for the index finger, referencing a 'trigger', but also providing ergonomic comfort, as a hand gun should.

I was eager to test out the saw after I had finished it, however in my rush to complete it I forgot to make an attempt at tempering it. I had planned on using the oxy-acetelyne torch at school to get it red hot and let it cool again, which would be my best shot at hardening the metal. I called a bunch of metal shops that do heat treating and found one in Pontiac that will temper 4 saws for $28. Anyway, the saw cut like butter until I go about half way down the kiddie pool ice sculpture, when the teeth started to bend ever so slightly at the tips. I'll give a proper heat treating to the first saw I made and see how it performs as a result. That saw will get a t-shaped metal and wood handle, making it a more traditional 'ice saw'.

Next project is hacking the winch to make it lock, and building a bigger gantry crane. I loaded up the justy with 2x10s, which barely fit....I had to chop about 3 feet off the ends of the boards so they wouldn't drag on the ground.


  1. I'm glad this is finally happening, I look forward to hearing more. I take it the waterJET rules.

  2. Are those sustainably forested 2x10's?

  3. Been following your blog. But it's not being update.. This winch has made me bold beyond reason when it comes to playing in the ice. warn winch