Thursday, May 13, 2010

Greeting from Paris

Arrived in Paris yesterday morning. It's pretty chilly here. I'm wearing every layer I brought with me. My bag weighs 20lbs without water or food, and I'll be able to lose a couple more pounds when I finish the books I'm reading.

I spent the day walking around Paris. It seemed like no matter where I went there was something interesting to see. Some of my high school French classes are vaguely coming back to me.

I stayed with a friend from the architecture program who is also doing a study abroad here. His group is stationed in Paris so they all subletted apartments. His apartment is in a predominantly African neighborhood in a 6th floor walkup. I ate this crazy dinner of couscous, chicken, and minestrone-like soup -very satisfying after a full day outside in the mid-40's.

Ellen just got in this morning and met her at the hostel where all the students are staying. I'm working off my iPhone with free wifi from the hostel. I never did get around to jailbreaking it before I left, so I'm not able to make phone calls or text message.

Ellen is planning some long walking tours around the city so we can continue with our training and see the sights of Paris at the same time.

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