Wednesday, May 19, 2010

to Pomplona

Today was a fifteen mile walk with moderate elevation changes. It really isn´t too bad. We´re leaving each town in the morning by 7a, and usually stopping at the next town for breakfast and sometimes a break for lunch. This puts us into our destination town by early afternoon. The routine is to check into the hostel, get a bed, take a shower, and wash your socks or underwear. Exploring each town at the end of the day is great, although you feel a little crippled and stiff.

I´m in Pomplona, a city of 200,000, where the running of the bulls begins. This ritual is coming up, in a few weeks I think, but we´ll be far along the trail by then. Our hostel is in an older church that has been modernized. There are bunk beds along the ailes of the nave (if I remember the terminology correctly from architecture school), bathrooms on the two levels and a nice laundry room with washing machines and dryers. I still washed my stuff by hand because its faster.

The pilgrim hostel environment is way better than the typical euro-hostel. It isn´t overrun by spoiled college kids looking for authentic european experiences in homogeneous global cities. Its nice to have a common bond of walking really far everyday.

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