Friday, May 14, 2010

more paris

Ellen and I have walked all over the city, mainly on an errand to get her an 'ice breaker' base layer (ie: fancy long underwear), which is what I'm rocking right now, and is quite necessary for the temperatures here.

Our hotel is very small but clean and fairly new. We're in a pretty good spot in the city, centrally located. We checked out the eiffel tower today, which was more impressive to walk underneath than see from afar. One of the most memorable sights was the group of nigerians selling the same souvenirs of miniature metal eiffel towers. I've got a great picture of them taking a break from their work.

Today was a little rainy, but decent enough to be out all day. We're now meeting up with the students at their hostel for a little venture to Parc de la Villete.

Although I'm in a famous and historically important city, one of my favorite things to look at are the cool little diesel cars everywhere. The new fiat 500 is so awesome (and of course it comes in diesel) Also saw a new VW scirocco.

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